(OOC) Hi, you have arrived at my website, best viewed on desktop browsers. By continuing, you acknowledge that this website contains depictions of unreality, as my website is themed around being a weird hallway with my persona acting as an entity residing within. Additional content warning for the playlist: they're all creepy-sounding/spiral aligned audio to enhance the experience. Please don't play the playlist if you are uncomfortable with these kinds of audio.

About the website style: I mainly based the concept of roleplaying as an entity in a Weird Hallway off of the horror podcast The Magnus Archives. In the podcast there is a creature known as the distortion who pulls its victims through a door into a twisted, maddening, confusing hallway lined with mirrors and doors and paintings, and is a creature of the fear entity The Spiral. Despite being an actual monster in a horror podcast this specific creature gives me so much Gender Envy that my persona is based off of the aesthetics of the spiral.

Additionally, as a child I've had this specific long-time daydream about me owning a magic doorknob that transforms into a door held up by nothing in particular, yet leads to a vast hallway with multiple doors corresponding to rooms that contain things that I want and like, separated into categories. In my daydreams I would often retreat to a particular room, such as the music room or art room or toy room, to think and imagine myself being contented whenever I feel sad.

While I dropped that specific daydream plotline, now that I'm getting into making a personal website of my own I'd like to indulge my inner child and make something that has a similar feel to the hallways they imagined full of things that make them happy.

This is my little space on the internet where I put my favorite internet finds on. Basically a whole link page but it's a personal site as well; you'll find more links on here than actual content by me, maybe. Somehow you'll find your way out of these hallways soon, but in the meantime feel free to check the place out. Just don't get lost tho :3 also please keep in mind that the hallways are a place of continous change and improvement, will include updates below!

About the Webmaster

Hi, you can call me Ryan! (they/them), a student from the Philippines. I made this website as a collection of the stuff I like (that you may like too!), and as a way to practice my coding skills.

Currently my interests are in studying, listening to fiction podcasts, reading, trying to make this website, and trying to make art.

my current fictional interests are: the dream smp, the magnus archives, noli me tangere and el filibusterismo, Welcome to Night Vale, and Hi Nay

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