Vastrecs' Blog and Journal!

The door takes you to a space that looks vaguely like an office. Mostly like an office, but something about it seems off but you can't pinpoint what. Were you supposed to be here? Of course you were.

The office-like room had a large desk with a number of labelled notebooks and binders.




It's almost the end of the month and no updates LMAO

But here's a new update! I've been gone for so long because of schoolworks, but I've been learning a lot as well. I especially enjoy doing research projects, looking up several resources and going on a research paper rabbit hole. Stepping away from the big internet platforms to surf the web prepared me for those by giving me a bunch of resources to find information from. Stemming away from short-form social media through this phase also helped me get used to reading longer texts and I was able to absorb the info in all those academic papers without getting bored.


I've been thinking of redesigning and moving the web goals page to the dedications section, and I'm working out the layout right now. I'm also thinking of starting a dedicated page to art history and appreciation.


So I revamped my blog page! It's now combined with this sort of journal thingy, or microblog???

I'm also using html journal and html blog by for this!