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You enter the light blue door and find a gallery of sorts, arranged into different categories. Somehow in your hand you now hold a casette tape player, like the kind of stuff you'd find in a guided audio tour of a museum or something. You put the headset on.

"I'd like to share and showcase some artists I really look up to! I'll be linking the websites where I mostly view these artists, though that doesn't mean they don't have any other art platform they upload to.

"Please note that some of these belong to multiple categories at once; however I put them into the category I look up to them for (e.g. an original artist that also posts fanart might be in the original art section because I'm not in the specific fandom they're in and I followed them originally for their original art)

"Also, I think this might be unethical for a curated gallery owner to do but hey - this is a personal website in a fictional, impossibly structured hallway - I can do whatever I want! Anyway pls check out my art blog my art is Crunchy and Delicious I promise."

Original art




Animated Show Styles


Art Pieces