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The notebook unfolded itself into a rigid wooden door held up on its own, that was intact, but looked like it had been in existence for many, many years.

Curious, you opened the door and found yourself in a plain, spacious, concrete room. Walls unpainted and ceiling bare. Windows giving you a view of the outside, a landscape you vaguely know or perhaps seen in your childhood. It makes your head spin trying to recall the memory.

You focus yourself on the interiors instead. You find wood, construction supplies, paint, and decoratives all over, covered by a layer of dust and debris. There were names lazily spray painted onto the walls. Whether it had been an abandoned space, once loved and lived in, or a construction site for something yet to happen is unknown to you. Maybe both?

You walk around, your steps echoing ever so slightly, and then quieting down. You reach a sort of table, maybe not a table but more of a hastily made construction made out of wooden planks that looks like you could place something on it. You find papers on top. Construction plans, resources and receipts, and letters from people, detailing their want to ge back to how spaces were - or maybe their wishes to rebuild.

Why and What I'm Doing to Keep The Old, Personal Web Alive

And stuff you can do too, to keep it alive!

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