Nothing much to say about today, but I'm starting a new semester of class tomorrow and I'm half excited, half nervous for it lmao

It kinda sucks though, since I still gotta go to classes online. I've had hope we'd start face to face classes sometime this semester (and my school teachers last sem even hinted at it!) but then omicron came by and we're back to having no hope so far of going to classes in person.

It's not that I don't like the online setup; I really enjoy it, in fact! My school is located out in the city while I'm in the province, so it's nice that I get to access really good education right here. I also prefer organizing my notes digitally and planning digitally, something that wouldn't be as easy when going in-person. I really miss going outside though, and I feel like I'm missing out on the opportunity to walk around on campus, dark academia style.

I've also only met my classmates entirely online, starting senior high school at a new school and all. At least back in junior high school I got to actually spend time face to face with my jhs classmates. I'd really like to meet them face-to-face.