January 27-29, 2022

traditional sketch of my desk view

For the past few days I've been doing pretty good! It had been raining so much before but lately it hasn't and I've been greeted with sunny mornings that make me feel like someone from a Ghibli film. I started a new semester at school, and so far I've been enjoying it!

my friends and i but i drew ourselves!
My friends and I took an actual photo, but to respect both their privacy and mine I'm uploading this drawing version of myself and them instead. I also took inspiration from snail-legs' the dragon knights for the artstyle! Also, if anyone's curious I'm the one on the rightmost side lmao

I also met up with my friends on Jan. 28, and I got to see one of them in person for the first time since march 2020! It was good seeing him again.